Mighty Sweet is a simple  mother (Carolyn) and daughter (Bianca) operation, carrying on the legacy of Carolyn’s mother, Elizabeth, who was well-known for her pie-baking skills.

Cupcakes are great, but who doesn’t like pie? And personal-size pies are not that easy to come by.  Enter Mighty Sweet, where you’ll be able to indulge that nagging craving for a satisfying homemade dessert – without having to buy a full-size pie.

You say you and your significant other don’t agree on your favorite pie flavor? Reach out to Mighty Sweet for couples therapy, where you can each choose the pies dearest to your heart. That’s the beauty of our bakery – whether it’s a whole passel of friends or a mini-family reunion,  everyone can find a personal pie to smile about.

Since we opened Mighty Sweet Mini Pies in 2012, we’ve gone through a few changes, both intended and beyond our control. Our retail storefront is now closed, but we’re available for orders seven days a week. We do need at least a 24-hour lead time to  fill most orders. We deliver inside the Beltway for a flat $10 fee and a minimum order of $18.

Another change is that we now feature three pie sizes: our original 5-inch mini, the 3 1/2-inch petite (popular for events), and finally, we’ve added the 9-inch full-size.

Click on the “Pie Flavors and Prices” tab above to be taken to our flavor list. We also bake special flavor requests that might not be listed here; just let us know what you’re dreaming about. After all, our goal is to give you an unforgettable pie experience from your first bite…each and every time.

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  1. I love the idea about the mini pies. I immediately thought of this as a dessert date place but then scrolled down and saw you close semi early. I haven’t been yet but I would suggest staying open till at least 10pm and you could attract couples coming out for a nice dessert, maybe even serve drinks or BYOB with some tables or a nice patio. I am going to come try the pies. Of course, I am saying this having not yet see the place. Hope this helps.

    1. Your comments are helpful and welcome, Brenden, and we look forward to having you come in. You’re right, staying open later would appeal to those out and about at that time, whether they just want a sweet bite, are following up with dessert after a meal elsewhere, etc. That’s something we’ve thought seriously about ourselves, and when we get to the point where we can hire additional help we’ll undoubtedly do that. Space limitations prevent our putting out tables; the area behind our building belongs to the shops next to us, and it’s designated for their customers’ parking.
      Thanks again for taking the time to comment.

    1. Good question, Ann! You actually have two choices for a weekday order. In this instance, you could order pies from our Sunday menu that are meant to be served straight from the refrigerator. Those would hold up quite well in the fridge for three days. For the best freshness, another option would be to order pies (any flavor) to be picked up at our shop on the day of your event, or the day before. For those special orders, we require a minimum of 6 pies of any one flavor, and they would need to be picked up by appointment. For our customers’ convenience, we also deliver. Feel free to call us with any other questions.

  2. I always drive pass this place and I always wanted to stop by. Well I finally and to my surprise the pies are amazing!!!!! The cherry pie was the bomb! It is a tiny place but very inviting and cozy. And Carolyn is as sweet as her pies. Will definitely come back and try other favors. 💁

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