Mighty Sweet is small in more ways than the size of our pies! For one thing, we’re in a really tiny space, but it’s just right for us – we’re a simple  mother (Carolyn) and daughter (Bianca) operation, carrying on the legacy of Carolyn’s mother, Elizabeth, who was well-known for her pie-baking skills.

Cupcakes are great, but who doesn’t like pie? And personal-size pies are not that easy to come by.  Enter Mighty Sweet, where you’ll be able to indulge that nagging craving for a satisfying homemade dessert – without having to buy a full-size pie.

You say you and your significant other don’t agree on your favorite pie flavor? Come to Mighty Sweet for couples therapy, where you can each choose the pie dear to your heart. That’s the beauty of our shop – whether it’s a whole passel of friends or a mini-family reunion,  everyone can find a personal pie to smile about.

We have a North Main address, but note that the entrance is around the corner on 14th. We’re a block south of Spanish Flowers restaurant.  Street parking only, but it’s part of the fun of being in a funky, great old neighborhood. We love our location and our neighbors.

We invite suggestions and comments, and hope to grow, improve and refine our menu through your input.